My Story

Born and raised in Dunedin, Otago, Brendon has a lifelong connection to the earth and sea around him, but he did not begin his journey into photography until later in life.

ESB photography has its beginnings in 2001 in Christchurch, New Zealand, where Brendon Gilchrist met Ester Osooso.  Soul mates, they married in 2008 and the same year made the move to Dunedin to follow Esters dream to be a dental hygienist.  When Ester graduated in 2011 they made the move back to Christchurch.  But, in the same month as they stood on the edge of a new beginning, a new home, a new career, their world stood still.  With absolutely no warning, Esters mild stomach ache was diagnosed as an aggressive cancer and she was given just one brief week left to live.  Ester bravely fought on for four and a half months as God gave both she and Brendon the gift of just a little more time.  When this drew to a close, together they chose not to say a final “Goodbye’, but rather to hold strong to their faith and the promise of beauty beyond this world.  Brendon whispered a last ‘See you in heaven’, and Ester went on ahead of him.   

In the months that followed, Brendon channelled near consuming grief into a passion for capturing the beauty around him.  The mountains called to him and drew him in, as like a second home.   He found solace in the peace that being close to God’s creation brought him and ESB (Ester & Brendon) photography was born. 

Still based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Brendon now treks from mountain to sea capturing the uniqueness of New Zealand’s unforgiving landscape.  His flair for capturing the unseen corners of this beautiful country renders his Photographs each into deep, soulful pieces that will entrance your imagination and pull you in.  Each piece is a gift, born of a grief that has been beautifully and determinedly crafted into the most remarkable soul stirring masterpieces.   Above all, each piece is a reflection of God’s ability to turn ashes, into beauty.

R.  Carter.”